2Pcs BMG extruder Cloned Btech Dual Drive Extruder Bowden Extruder for 3d printer High performance for 3D printer MK8 I3 Parts

2Pcs BMG extruder Cloned Btech Dual Drive Extruder Bowden Extruder for 3d printer High performance for 3D printer MK8 I3 Parts
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Low temperature versions:Throat with Teflon tube, effectively prevent plug the nozzle, suitable for below 250 degrees material used.For example: PLA, ABS, HIPS, etc.


High temperature versions: Stainless steel material, no ferrofluron tube inside, only reserved the hole diameter of consumable material, suitable for over 250 degrees of high temperature consumable material.For example, Nylon, PC, etc.




Model:XCR WS-V1 Water-cooled Hotend


Type: Low temp versions, High temp versions

          (If you want to change another type, you can buy the XCR WS-V1 Hotend Module)

Filament size: 1.75mm
Nozzle Size0.4mm
Water-cooled pipe: φ4mm pipe (nylon pipe or hard PU pipe)
Feeding type: Long-distance feeding
Suitable extruders: Bulldog, Titan, MK8, etc. 
Main Body Size: 26*21*45mm 
Weight: 45.9g
Main material: Aluminum alloy
Installation size: 3-M3 threaded holes


Product description:

The newly designed water-cooled print head is stylish and simple, and supports high-temperature filaments printing, so as to prevent all kinds of printing defects caused by insufficient heat dissipation.


1. The shape is small and exquisite, and the structure is compact, which provides support for installation in a narrow space;


2. Water pipe plug-in access, quick installation, clean and tidy. The actual test is without leakage of water, it can be used with confidence;


3. Support high temperature filament. The excellent heat dissipation performance makes high temperature printing is no longer a choice only for a few high-end players, beginners can also easily use them;


4. Modular design, supports for different hotends, conventional PLA, ABS filaments can be equipped with built-in Teflon tube + v6 heating block, and the high temperature printing can be equipped with full metal throat+ new PT100 v6 heating block. In addition, with the volcano hotend kit or NF series high-speed hotend, it can achieve high-traffic/fast printing;


5. Disadvantages, the water-cooled pump components are expensive and require a certain amount of installation space.



Water cooling solves the problem of insufficient heat dissipation, but it is not a panacea. High-temperature filament has its uniqueness, which can not be solved with only the water-cooled printhead. The water-cooled print head can only solve the normal printing function, but can not solve the printing speciality of the high-temperature filaments. For example, the nylon edging can not be solved by only a water-cooling. The conventional printer with a fine print head is still difficult to print successfully.


Please use special water-cooling liquid as the heat-dissipating medium. At the very least, please use pure water to avoid scale and block the water channel. When using, pay attention to observe whether the water cooling system is circulating normally. If possible, users can add the flow rate display to determine the normal operation of the water circulation system.2

The packing list does not include heating and temperature measurement. If necessary, please click the picture to buy



Tips: Water-cooled hotend is compatible with both HT-NTC100K and NTC100K thermistor, Low temp version can choice NTC100K, High temp version can choice HT-NTC100K.

WS-V1 hotend_3msWS-V1 hotend_4ms

WS-V1 hotend_1msWS-V1 hotend_2msWS-V1 hotend_7msWS-V1 hotend_5msWS-V1 hotend_6ms-1