Car Impact Wrench Socket Wrench Cordless Electric 12V Auto Tyre Change Tools Car Jack Automotive Repair Tool 1/2 Inch 480N

Car Impact Wrench Socket Wrench Cordless Electric 12V Auto Tyre Change Tools Car Jack Automotive Repair Tool 1/2 Inch 480N
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Oписание продукта

Advantages of products
1.Products through the German GS certification standards, carry the weight of the dynamic of 1: 1.25, the static of 1: 1.5, has been tested enough to withstand the weight of 5000Kg.
2. Overload protection: When exceeding the rated load capacity automatically stop working to protect the product from damage and operator safety.
Quadrupole high quality 12V brushless DC motor, torque strong, powerful, two-pole brushless DC motor service life compared to similar products using higher than doubled!
Top block electric jack using high-strength nylon 66 material, tough non-slip, effectively preventing the car surface paint scratches
Superior to the majority of members recommend a practical traveling by car equipment - car electric jack !!!
3.  In real life, the replacement car tire has been driving people a headache, especially in the field side of the road, in the heat of summer, under harsh winter weather conditions and drizzle with a hand-cranked (mechanical) jack to replace the tires is very time-consuming, laborious, individual and gentlemen, there is no effort to be able to put the car up to the top, every tired sweaty and covered in sludge.
1. the use of electric jin items:
(1) car parked on a level surface, turn off the engine, but do not forget to tighten the hand brake.
(2) steel beam placed at the electric jack to change a tire near the body is under the top hat and the electric jack beneath the anchor body alignment, the electric jack can be safe and effective lifting.
(3) two ways the electric jack is connected to the 12V power supply:
I. using cigarette lighter connection: the cigarette lighter plug cord into the cigarette lighter socket and the other end of the 5.5mm plug to 5.5mm plug seat on the electric jack. (Note: The cigarette lighter fuse rated current of not less than 10A)
II. using the vehicle\'s battery is connected directly: the cigarette lighter plug cord into the belt clip at one end of the battery in the cigarette lighter socket, while the other end of the battery clip battery clamps red "+" (positive) on the black clip and battery "-" (negative), and then plug the other end of the cigarette lighter plug wire 5.5mm 5.5mm jack plug into the electric plug socket.
(4) use: In determining well after the first few steps, you can start jacking operation. Hold the remote control, if necessary, press the button on the remote control, "x1" said the rose, "x2" said the decline, "x3  " means stop. )
(5) the lifting process, should be carefully observed dynamic jacking ensure electric jack does not tilt, until the wheels leave the ground 20mm, the wheels can rotate freely should stop jacking, replace the tire.
2. the use of electric wrench:
(1) When the wheels leave the ground to be replaced, will take a good supply of electric wrench (the electric wrench 5.5mm plug directly into the cigarette lighter power cord plug 5.5mm plug seat).
(2) selecting the right sleeve, set into the side of the square hole axis electric wrench at the top of the head, you can loosen or tighten the bolts.
(3) the desired direction of the work, choose loose, tight switch. The power switch on the left flag "ll", was the reverse direction, the right sign "|", was the clockwise direction, the middle mark "o" at the stop. With the thumb and hold the appropriate direction switch, heard 1-2 times "despair, despair" to release the thumb after the crash, the whole process about 2-3 seconds.


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