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New Arrival 2-10N.M Digital Display Torque Wrench Dial Test Torque Wrench

Nickel-chromium Alloy Steel Force Measuring Tool 1.5V




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Name: 2-10N.M Digital torque wrench
Voltage: 1.5V
Material: Nickel-chromium alloy steel
Packing size: 9*10.5*34cm
Weight: 1kg

Note: This product has a built-in battery



Picture showing :




Note:If you need the following model properties, you can contact us to buy


1. There are no moving parts inside, the indication value is accurate and durable.
2, the display can be backlit, easy to read even in low light conditions
3, hold the handle anywhere, does not affect the high precision
4, can rotate the reading plate, easy to read from different angles
When the wrench does not apply torque, when the display does not show “0”, press the "0" key to clear

the zero position of the wrench, and the display shows “0”. The clear operation corrects the slight zero

change of the wrench due to installation or environmental changes.

The main function
1. Indicating value tracking: During the afterburning process, the tracking shows the added value.
2. Peak hold: During the afterburning process, the display value increases as the force increases. Once

the force is stopped, the display value remains at the maximum value. The peak zero return time is

adjustable (3 seconds, 5 seconds and 0 seconds is manual zero return). Factory setting is 5 seconds
3. Preset alarm: preset the required force. In the afterburning process, when the force reaches 90% of

the predetermined value, the alarm light flashes, and the alarm sounds, prompting a slow force. When

the predetermined value is reached 100%, the light is long and the sound is long. It is also possible to set

the preset value to "0" (turn off the alarm). Press + or _ key to display the set alarm value, release the key

to reset 0
4, two-way measurement: error +-2% or less. A negative number is displayed counterclockwise.

Maximum display 110% F.S
5, unit settings: press the P button, then press the + or - button, the three units automatically convert

(N.m, 1bf.ft, 1bf.in)
6, power-saving mode: when not in use, delay 60 seconds automatically shut down
7. Overload alarm: When the maximum value reaches 90%, the alarm light flashes, and the alarm sounds,

prompting to stop the afterburner. When the maximum value is 110%, the light is long and the sound is long
8. Undervoltage prompt: Use two 5th 1.5V batteries. When the voltage reaches 2.4V, the alarm light flashes

every three seconds to remind you to replace the battery. Automatic shutdown when it reaches 2.3V

1. Try to avoid bumps and falls during use;
2, should be applied smoothly, it is strictly prohibited to use beyond the scope of detection;
3. When the battery voltage drops to work, the battery should be replaced; if it is not used for a long time,

the battery should be taken out to prevent the battery from leaking;





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